The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Unique, exclusive and quality

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is the naming sponsor of the World Masters Golf Championship.  The following outlines their story and how you can get involved in their world of exclusive, unique and quality whiskies.

Nothing goes together in Scotland quite like golf and whisky, and The Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) is the perfect partner to provide an exquisite drop of the country’s national drink.

What better way to celebrate a successful round – or perhaps to commiserate on a day when the links got the better of you – than with a warming dram of exclusive single cask single malt whisky?

About the SMWS

The SMWS is a members club that connects whisky enthusiasts in search of the best bottlings from Scotland and beyond. But the Society offers whisky with a difference – it sources its spirit from single casks and bottles it at cask strength. That means there’s no interference with the whisky in terms of chill filtration or the addition of colouring, resulting in a dram that reflects the remarkable variety in the craft of distillation, as well as the infinite complexities of wood, spirit and maturation.

Iconic bottles

Each of the Society’s single cask whiskies must pass the uncompromising noses of its expert Tasting Panel – a group of independent whisky experts from all walks of life – before being deemed worthy of filling an iconic Society green bottle. Each of those bottles is unique and produced in a limited number, making every one incredibly rare.

The bottles themselves also don’t name the distillery, instead using a numbering system to denote the distillery of origin and then the number of casks the SMWS has bottled from that distillery since being founded in 1983. The emphasis is less on place of origin and more on the distinctive flavour profile of a bottling, with its very own name and playful tasting notes to offer some insight into the treats in store.

At home in Edinburgh

If you combine your golf with a trip to Edinburgh, you can explore the SMWS with a visit to its venue at 28 Queen Street in the heart of the capital’s New Town. The Georgian townhouse is home to the Kaleidoscope Whisky Bar, with a huge selection of Society bottlings as well as craft beers, rare proprietary bottlings and fine wines.

Upstairs, you can visit The Dining Room at 28 Queen Street, to enjoy traditional fine dining expertly prepared by award-winning chef James Freeman – finished off with an SMWS dram, of course.

For more information about The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, visit

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